Advisory Council

The work of QLC is guided by an advisory council made up of 10 Friends representing a wide spectrum of Quaker faith and practice in North America.

They meet quarterly to pray, discern, discuss ideas, report from their circle of ministry, and guide the direction of the Center.

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Jade Rockwell

Richmond, IN

West Elkton Friends Meeting, (membership/recording held by Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends)

Ministry Interests: Quaker pastoral ministry, children’s ministry, child protection

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Shawn McConaughey

Mooresville, IN

Plainfield Friends Meeting (Western Yearly Meeting)

Ministry Interests: Connecting people with their interests/gifts, pastoral care, Quakers working together, humor

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Betsy Blake

Greensboro, NC

First Friends Meeting (North Carolina Fellowship of Friends)

Ministry interests: making connections between branches, communications, environmental justice, equity, living wages, prayer, fun, and beauty

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NiaDwynwen Thomas

Easthampton, MA

Northampton Friends Meeting (New England Yearly Meeting)

Ministry Interests: Faith formation across the lifespan, leadership development, evaluation, and congregation/organizational health.

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Shannon Isaacs

Cincinnati, OH

Community Friends Meeting, (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)

Ministry Interests: Social Impact, Equity, Democracy, and Supporting the Future of Friends

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Lloyd Lee Wilson

Greensboro, NC

Friendship Friends Monthly Meeting (North Carolina Yearly Meeting – Conservative)

Ministry Interests: My aspiration as a minister is the same as every Friend’s: to do everything God asks, and nothing else.

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Michael Sherman

Muncie, IN

Muncie Friends Church (New Association of Friends)

Ministry Interests: Pastoral Ministry

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Karla Jay

Richmond, IN

Friends United Meeting

Ministry Interests: Quaker Leadership, Global Ministries, Social Justice

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Mary Ellen McNish

Philadelphia, PA

Byberry Friends Meeting (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)

Ministry Interests: I have been in Quaker service for almost 40 years.  Ten of those years was as General Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee.  Another 25 of those years was serving as a volunteer with Friends General Conference.  Currently, my entire focus is on revitalizing the Religious Society of Friends, through the lens of developing strategies, models and roadmaps to re-invigorate our small and struggling Monthly Meetings.  

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Manny Garcia

Oskaloosa, IA

Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends, General Superintendent

Ministry Interests: Spiritual Formation, Organizational Leadership, Leadership Development, Team Development, Church Health, Pastoral Support

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Dwight Wilson

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

Ministry Interests:  I have been in the ministry since 1966 serving as a pastor, General Secretary of FGC, Dean, Headmaster, Trustee (including Clerk of two Quaker institutions).  I am forever a servant and an educator.

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Della Stanley-Green photo

Della Stanley-Green


Della is excited to see where God is leading the Center, ESR and the whole of the Religious Society of Friends. She is a Recorded Minister in Western Yearly Meeting and a trained spiritual director.

She recently completed a three-year interim as the leader of the Interim Co-Superintendent Team for Western Yearly Meeting of Friends, (33 Quaker Meetings in western IN and eastern IL). She also serves as an Adjunct Professor in the MBAOnline@UDayton program teaching “The Principled
Organization: Integrating Faith, Ethics and Work.”

Andy Stanton-Henry photo

Andy Stanton-Henry

Associate director

Andy is a writer, Quaker minister, chicken-keeper, and distraught Reds fan. He holds degrees from Barclay College and Earlham School of Religion, and is a doctoral student studying Open and Relational Theology. He carries a special concern for rural leaders, leading to his recently published book Recovering Abundance: Twelve Practices for Small-Town Leaders. Andy has also trained in spiritual direction, labyrinth facilitation, conflict transformation, and entrepreneurial ministry. A native Buckeye, Andy now lives in East Tennessee with his spouse, Ashlyn, their blue heeler Cassie, and their laying hens. 

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Katrina McConaughey

Administrative Assistant

Katrina McConaughey is a lifelong Quaker originally from the Pacific Northwest. She recently relocated to central Indiana with her husband Shawn, after serving a four-year term with Friends United Meeting in Kenya. She is most proud of having raised two awesome adult children, but also loves gardening and is almost as proud to have grown a six pound sweet potato this year!